Dash Series Case Packers

Case Packers for Vertical Bag Orientation

Consistent and reliable case packing requires an innovative and simple approach. Emerald integrates years of experience into every piece of equipment to provide rugged construction complemented with state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Dash Series of case packers is designed for bags that are cased in a vertical orientation. We offer several models of the Dash Series to fit your specific needs and application.

Dash Series Features


Dash Series Construction

  • Vertical Bag Orientation
  • Speeds up to 60 bags/min (1x6)
  • Speeds up to 75 bags/min (2x6)
  • Quick-Adjust Chair & Mandrel
  • Centerline Changeover
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Easy-To-Use Operator Interface with ‘On-Board’ Help Screens

Dash II features Servo Staging and a Servo Case Loader

Dash III adds a Servo Collapse

Dash IV adds a Servo Transfer

Dash VP comes without “shelves”

  • Heavy-Duty Frame & Manufactured Parts
  • Powder Coating Finish
  • Wash-Down Options
  • Allen-Bradley Controls Standard
  • U.L. 508 Listed
  • Quick-Disconnect Field Devices
  • Easy-Access Lexan Guarding
  • OHSA-Approved Safety Design
  • Stainless Steel Packaging Available