Indra Public Relations is one of the most visible full-service boutique PR agencies in the competitive New York market that serves a clientele that sets trends and influences the course of public consciousness.

We partner with brands both established and emerging, to help them define and achieve their PR goals while sharing their story. We treat each client’s needs by assessing them on an individualized basis and devise strategies that are engaging and interactive. We work diligently to create and deliver successful and lucrative results.

We specialize in building brands and talent in the sports, entertainment, nonprofit, beauty and fashion, food and beverage and lifestyle industries.

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Services We Offer

Public Relations

A leader in delivering highly effective PR through innovative strategies that create newsworthy stories and publicity opportunities.

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Sports Marketing

Our team of licensed agents understands the marketplace and how it has evolved throughout the years.

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Event Production

We produce events that are extremely organized, detailed and events that drive top-tier media coverage.

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Brand Building

We specialize in helping you define what your brand is all about and communicate how your existing consumer base and target consumers will perceive it.

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