Why us

  • Packaged in realistic quantities for your business use
  • Heavy duty commercial grade packaging to eliminate breakage from the rigors of handling
  • Stylish Design, safe, microwavable and tempered

Office Settings/Chef’s Table

Office Settings/Chef’s Table can set the mood and impression of your office breakroom. Employees are working longer hours and are more likely to have a meal at work. If it’s coffee and cake, a quick snack or a meal, make the dining experience at your company more enjoyable. Using porcelain means food stays hot longer and users enjoy it’s full taste. Using stainless steel flatware makes dining more enjoyable, and real glassware makes beverages look, taste and feel better.

Saving the planet and sustainable development is a shared obligation. Not using disposables in the breakroom means that together, we can make an important contribution towards minimizing waste and exceed employee expectations.