About Us

Find amazing deals on Solar Panels and other renewable energy equipment!  Buyers, connect with manufacturers, distributors, brokers and contractors. Pricing is transparent. Transactions are safe and secure because we rigorously vet and qualify the partners we work with who post equipment for sale.

PennyWatt's management consists of US solar industry professionals with over 15 years of direct solar sales and purchasing experience. Together we have sold over 200MW worth of photovoltaic modules into the US market.  Our reputations are on the line.  We qualify each seller personally.

The genesis for Pennywatt grew from watching the incredible volatility of the solar photovoltaic market from the severe supply shortage leading into late 2010 and just as dramatically the oversupply situation of 2011 which forced PV panel prices to fall over 45% in less than 1 year.  As PV manufacturers struggle to be competitive, they leave behind loads of stranded lower powered product in their warehouses.  Similarly, PV distributors and PV developers often find themselves on the wrong side of the demand/supply curve and holding onto product that is no longer as competitive as it was last month. 

We wanted to create an anonymous platform for moving that stranded inventory throughout the value chain.  We want to create an opportunity for sellers and resellers to post a sale on a secure website to test the waters so to speak to move inventory, and perhaps gain access to a secondary market for their products when all other avenues have been exhausted.  Our idea is to essentially give our qualified sellers an opportunity to move high quality modules at a deeper discount than they might otherwise consider doing.  The anonymity IN POSTING gives our seller’s the advantage of preserving their existing channel markets, while they appear transparent and qualified to Pennywatt’s management as legitimate, credible and trustworthy partners.

Our intention is to bring you the highest value lowest cost transactions possible by leveraging our considerable network of solar professionals.