...Bryan is 42 years old,
his son is 2 years old.
...He has a strong family history of
cardiovascular disease—his father
had a heart attack at age 51, his
brother had a heart attack at age 45.
...Theresa is 56 and
retired last year to help take care
of her granddaughter.
...She is diabetic and is
being treated for high
blood pressure.
Bryan and Theresa need LDL
Management for Today's Generation
LDL Particles
Cause Plaque
LDL Particles

Plaque Progression: More LDL Particles = More Plaque

The higher the number of LDL Particles, the greater the likelihood for them to enter the arterial
wall and deposit their contents forming atheroslerotic plaque.

Measurement of LDL-C on traditional lipid panels does not reflect the LDL particle number.

The NMR LipoProfile test—The Particle Test—is more than a cholesterol test.
It measures the number of LDL Particles in blood to get a more
complete picture of cardiovascular risk for personalized LDL management.
See how LDL Particles
form plaque (atherosclerosis)
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