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It is our mission to provide accepted, cost effective, timely, medically accurate, and up-to-date advanced teleradiology services to hospitals and outpatient care settings. We acknowledge and strive to meet the growing needs of the global medical community. We are dedicated and committed to provide the highest quality to all who are in need of our services and to the patients we serve through our clients

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FAQ For Radiologists

How does differs from other teleradiology providers?
* is run and operated by radiologists. We are a private company without a large bureaucracy or nonmedical interests. We are radiologists ourselves and `we best understand other radiologist's needs`
* We utilize `Radiology-on-demand` paradigm. You work when you want to work.
* Complete freedom in selecting the U.S.-based location of your choice. We do not require you to move or work from a central office.
* We offer the most advanced technology available today. We provide all support staff necessary to poduce quality interpretations.
* Our radiologists earn prime industry compensation for both full time and part time positions.
* Subspecialty and general radiology are all under one roof.
What qualifications do I need to be considered?
* You must be U.S.-trained and board-certified.
* You must reside in the United States.
* You must be licensed in at least one state.
* For subspecialty division, you must have CAQ and/or be fellowship trained.
* For general division, you must be proficient with CT.
Do I need extensive computer skills?
Computer/ PACS familiarity is very helpful, however you do not need extensive skills.
Do I need to have my own malpractice coverage?
Having your own malpractice coverage will be very helpful, however if you don't have needed coverage, can cover you under the group plan

For more information about joining the USARAD team, please email your CV to You can fax it to 888-886-2486. We will contact you shortly.