What To Expect

— Where does USAScreen conduct screenings?

— We come to your house or place of work. In addition we provide corporate and communit screening events.


— How long do the screenings take?

— A typical screening takes several minutes to complete some paperwork and about 1 hour to conduct the screenings, depending on the number of tests, the level of disease, your vascular anatomy, and your body type. Accuracy and quality output are essential to us, so we make every effort to balance that with respect for your schedule.


— What type of equipment is used?

— For all of our screenings, we use the same state-of-the-art technologies that are standard in hospitals across the country. We are continually evaluating new equipment to ensure that our equipment is the most advanced.


— What kind of training have your ultrasound technologists received?

— Our highly skilled, experienced sonographers and medical technologists have all completed formal medical and ultrasound programs, clinical rotations, and specialized training. We employ over 700 highly trained healthcare professionals, more than any other screening company in the United States.


— Can I have the health screenings if I have a pacemaker?

— Yes. A pacemaker will not interfere with the screenings.


— Why are your screenings shorter than those performed in hospitals?

— Our aim is to identify the presence of an unrecognized health problem and to encourage those with significant disease to follow up with their personal physician for a more detailed evaluation. We do this by offering simple, accurate, affordable screenings that detect whether or not the more costly comprehensive exam is necessary.


— I am concerned about privacy. How private is the screening area?

— We take your privacy seriously, which is why we always use privacy screens to separate the screening area from the waiting area. You need not remove any clothing for our screenings other than your shoes and socks.


— How accurate are your health screenings?

— By adhering to strict protocols, hiring highly qualified staff, and using state-of-the-art equipment, we are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate results. In fact, in clinical studies USAScreen results were shown to be comparable to those you would receive in accredited vascular labs.


— Are the screenings given by USAScreen 100% accurate?

— USAScreen is aware of the concerns surrounding the quality of preventive public health screenings, and has taken every measure to ensure our screenings are of the highest quality. No test is 100% accurate, but our results are comparable to those you would receive in an accredited hospital vascular lab.

USAScreen uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology and highly skilled sonographers to perform our screenings. As part of our strict quality control, all results are then reviewed by board-certified physicians to ensure accuracy. Written reports are mailed to the participants within 21 days, and they are encouraged to share the reports with their physicians.

We are also engaged in ongoing research with first-tier medical institutions to help advance the understanding of the causes of vascular disease and to further our public health initiatives.


— How can you assure the consistency and reliability of your machines?

— All machines perform a self-diagnostic check and continually recalibrate throughout the day. They also undergo regular maintenance check-ups.