November 18, 2016

Why Shop Online Here?

We thank you for coming to our site and choosing to do all your shopping here.

The purpose of this site is simple:

To introduce you to a program that retailers don’t want you to know exists which allows you to buy everything you need from them and have them in return reward you for buying from them by having them share a portion of their profits directly with you.

What does this mean? Two things.

  1. To let you know that you can earn money back on every item you purchase at your favorite stores here
  2. To have you share in the daily dividends that corporate profit sharing plans have always reserved exclusively for their investors and shareholders only

To help you understand better, Profit Sharing, is nothing more than the companies we work with sharing and depositing every day a certain percentage of their overall daily profits directly into your account. This means that if you choose to enroll here (which by the way is FREE!), you too will begin to earn a daily distribution (or payment) of various retailers profits as soon as the next day.

Interested? Great! So how can you do this? It’s Simple.

  1. Click here to enroll in the program. You will need to provide your email address and choose a temporary password. Use a temporary password for now because you will change it later. Then click the GREY “Check Your Email for Activation Code” button. DO NOT close this window. You will need to come back to it.
  2. Now check your email account for the confirmation email which was sent to you. In that email, there will be a four-digit code number. Copy that number and go back to the enrollment page from Step #1. Enter or paste the code number in the box which says “Activation Code”. Please note that you have 30 minutes to complete this verification before the link expires. If the link does expire, just go back to the registration page from Step #1 and make sure that your correct email address is shown and click the GREY “Check Your Email for Activation Code” button again.
  3. Once you have entered the code, make sure the box is checked that says “I acknowledge that my name and address in registration are correct . . .” to assure that you will get paid.
  4. Click the RED button that says “Register Now

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step in receiving your percentage of formerly unavailable investors and shareholders profits!

The second step in this process is to contact us either via EMail or phone at (859) MyRetail (859-697-3824) so that we can walk you through the final steps of registration.