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Why We Started

When traveling, you might refer to your GPS or perhaps an atlas, if you’re a little more old school, to determine how to get where you’re going. You might also have a trip agenda. You might also use a travel agent so you don’t have to worry about the scheduling headaches.

The same holds true with trade shows. Knowing where you’re going, how to get there and what’s happening when you arrive, is how you achieve success. We work with you to determine where you want to go with your trade shows. We then help you plan your trip, administer the details, eliminate the headaches and develop the roadmap for your trade show success.

Ray Kondracki

You might have better things to do like run your business, sell machines or manage customer relationships. You’d rather not have to sit in a convention center for five days before the show opens. Well, we’ll handle that for you. Our team can manage your on-site booth setup and teardown so you can do what you do best. You won’t have to worry about chasing riggers around or finding electricians. Send a machine, a technician and we’ll manage the rest. You just show up with your business cards, game face on and ready to sell machines.

Jennie Kondracki