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Bob Williams, former VP Sales & Marketing - Triangle Package Machinery Co.

“Ray Kondracki is an excellent Marketing Manager and a true professional. He has a clear understanding of the strategic as well as tactical aspects of marketing. As a result, he is able to not only plan a coordinated marketing program, but then organize and execute the actions necessary to insure its success. A detail-oriented individual, Ray leads by example and shows great initiative and creativity. He is a hands-on leader with a sure and steady style, and is highly effective when coordinating trade shows, organizing integrated advertising programs and creating lead-generating campaigns. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, Ray consistently exceeded expectations at Triangle, keeping marketing projects on-time and under budget.”

Joe Angel, President & CEO - Summit Media Group

“I've known Ray for several years and can honestly say "he gets it"....understands the value of integrated media and is always willing to listen and try new ideas. He will give you honest feedback - good or bad - and is always fair. He challenges us to be better, not just for the benefit of Triangle, but for improving our products and services for the packaging suppliers with our leading media properties.”

John Kowal, Director of Business Development - B&R Automation

“Ray is the consummate B2B marketer, working in the vertical space of packaging machinery. He 'gets it' in terms of what and how technical specifiers want to receive information. He's worked with the leaders in his field, from branding to lead generation.”

Pat Reynolds, VP / Publisher - Packaging World Magazine

“Ray is an experienced and talented marketing communications professional. I've worked with him on numerous projects and have always found him to be accurate, thorough, and deadline-oriented. His knowledge of the packaging machinery space is well-established. And in addition to his command of his subject area, Ray is fun to work with and is an excellent people person.”

Walt Muskat, Sales Manager - Triangle Package Machinery Co.

“When we developed our new XY bagger, Ray played an important role in introducing it to both our existing customer base and potential buyers. We ran print and web ads, our own web site was improved and we ran several e-mail campaigns. As a result of the coordinated effort, I noticed that my phone was ringing more often than in the past. It certainly makes my job easier when potential customers are contacting me about partnering with them on their next project. So yes, if you ask me, marketing does work.”

John Cooke, Sales Manager - Triangle Package Machinery Co.

“When we launched our new XY platform, Ray contributed to the development, and was critical in the execution of a strategic plan that was geared towards building awareness and developing leads for our new bagger. The XY was the first new format for Triangle in nearly 20 years so educating the market was going to be a challenge. The plan was to get our brand and message about the XY in front of as many eyeballs as possible within our target markets. From a sales standpoint, I’d say the plan worked. Not only was my phone ringing more often, but it’s not often you walk into a sales call and the first thing out of the customer’s mouth is – ‘so tell me about this new XY bagger that I see all over the place’. The plan implemented by Ray certainly did what it set out to do. Taking it to the next level, there was an overhaul of all of our support materials as well as our trade show booth to carry forward the new image that the XY offered. The bottom line is that marketing does work when it’s thought out and planned properly. At the end of the day, it certainly has made my job easier over the years.”