Why Adult Day Care?

When Should One Opt in For an Adult Day Care?

In this busy world where socialization may often be limited, our center enables our participants to acquire new friends and to share their life experiences, while learning new skills and broadening their knowledge of the world that surrounds them.

We are honored to provide the best caring environment with high integrity for our clients. The best thing for the center is appreciation and gratitude of our clients. They become a family to us and we acquired many grandfathers and grandmothers throughout the years. Everything here is done with the though of respect and dignity, it doesn’t matter what impairment the client has, he/she will perform to the best of the ability in all the activities offered.

Participation in an adult day program can delay or eliminate the need for out-of-home placement.

Unlike individuals who receive professional in-home care, participants in adult day programs benefit from peer relationships and socialization, which is shown to improve mental health and outlook. The New Age Adult Day Care program also provides nutritious meals and snacks, transportation, wellness monitoring, medication administration, activities, and events.

  • When one can no longer structure his or her own daily activities

  • Independence with and/or completion of activities of daily living such as dressing, meal preparation and set up, meal completion, bathroom use and continence issues arise

  • Feeling of isolation and desire for companionship by your loved one

  • Assistance, reminders, or supervision with medication is necessary to ensure compliance

  • Being left alone in the home poses safety concerns

  • Increased frequency of diminished memory episodes occur