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Philadelphia Workers compensation lawyer

The Rules for Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania are complicated, convoluted and bureaucratic.  There are deadlines starting from the very same day where you were considered injured. That is why it is important from the moment where you realize that the injury that you sustained on the job will prevent you from coming back to the job in the near future.

You need to contact the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Bond so that we can maximize and help with your claims process.

At the Law Offices of Robert Bond, Esq. we helped individuals across Pennsylvania and in the Philadelphia area receive maximum compensation for their work injuries.  When dealing Workers Compensation we will apply our knowledge of medicine and law procedures, as well as our experience to maximize your claim benefits.  Most likely, if you have been injured on the job, you have a lot of questions regarding who is going to pay your bills, how are you going to be provided with workers compensation benefits, where and how to file the claim, am I going to fired from this job, is somebody going to help me pay the medical bills.  The Law Offices of Robert Bond, Esq. will help you answer those questions.


Under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Law if the employer accepts responsibility for your injury or if the judge finds the employer responsible for your injuries you as an employee would be entitled to recover:

1.         Wage loss benefits;

2.         Medical benefits and on top of that, possible specific loss benefits related the use of particular body parts.

1.         Injuries Caused by Accidents at Work

Our Workers Compensation Firm has been successful in winning claims involving injury caused by accident at work in specific body areas including neck, back, shoulders, bruises, fractures, crush injuries, loss of hearing, loss of eyesight, loss of use of limbs, as well as many other types of injuries.

2.         Work Related Injuries

Some people have acquired work related injuries such as injuries related to exposure to coal such as coal dust, coal pneumonosis, as well as blood born diseases such as hepatitis or hearing loss due to noisy environments.  We also help people achieve work related recovery in chemical exposure cases.

3.         Aggravation of Preexisting Conditional Injuries

If you have been injured before on the job or outside the job environment and re-aggravated the same injury we can still pursue a workers compensation claim if the aggravation occurred at work.

You need the help of experienced with medical and legal expertise to help you obtain the maximum claim benefits that will make sure that your bills are paid and you have money in your pocket even if you cannot work, if you are injured on the job.



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